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JH Boys Hoops-Sponsored 


Last Dance there was OVER 80 people that came.  It was packed and tons of fun.  Stay tuned for our next one.
 Come Support the Hoops!!





Friday the 18h of september we had a show at the cyber,it has been a while since we have had anything with bands going on and it went very well,almost 100 paying kids came out to support the bands. We are stoked to have more shows in the future!






                       Pound it. - A. Lilly Photography


ACTP pwns!






Ameriprise Financial Rental  The Cyber Cafe would like to thank Ameriprise financial. For coming in and renting the Cyber Cafe for their financial presentation to the people around the community!

Cyber Birthday Garage Sale!!!

Happy Birthday to the Cyber Cafe! For our birthday rummage sale we had, we made over $500.00!!! Thanks to all the people who came in and contributed to the rummage sale!


Rummage Sale!!!
The Cyber Cafe recently held a rummage sale in the basement. The rummage sale was a large success and raised over $700 dollars for the Cyber Cafe. A big thanks goes out to anybody who came and supported the Cyber Cafe. Ann Pate also did a good job of preparing for the event and the Cyber Cafe owes a large thank you to her.

Thank You Kent Scheer!
The designer and creator of our wonderfully artistically built counter, Kent Scheer, has been a great help and done a great deal for Wadena and not just The Cyber Cafe. He built this beautiful counter in honor of his parents and we at The Cyber Cafe feel that this is a great tribute. Mr. Scheer is currently in the process of repairing the damage that time has worn on his great work. The Cyber Cafe owes him a tremendous amount and is extremely thankful for the work that he has done! (Dec 2008)
Cyber Fiesta! Tons Of Fun!

The Cyber Fiesta was a tremendous amount of fun and an incrdible event. The food was excellent and seemed endless. It raised approximately $2,000 dollars to help fund the newly bought computers. A big thank you goes out to all the youth groups that volunteered to work the event. They did an excellent job and we hope that everyone enjoyed the event. A special goes out to the Cyber Cafe board members that put a tremendous amount of time and effort into preparing the event. Thank you for your donations!!!! (Jan 2008)

Art Classes
Last summer, (Summer of '06) the Cyber Cafe held Art Classes.  Art class sessions went for two weeks two times a week.  They were very well attended and made projects anywhere from Tie Dye Shirts to Decroative Magnets, that go on the refrigerator.  Our high school staff teacher, Amanda McManigle, not only taught the class but marketed, budgeted, surveyed, and made final reports for the board.  Not only the participants learn, but the teacher did as well. (July 2006)

Knitting for a Cause! A Great Event!

This event was a huge sucess in raising money for the Cyber Cafe! There was a tremendous amount of people that showed up for the food, fun, and auction. There was over $9,000 dollars raised for the Cyber Cafe. Overall the occasion was amazing and the Cyber Cafe is very thankful for the Knitting Club for its tremendous contribution. Here are a few pics of the event! (Feb 2008)


St Patrick's Day Comedy Night!!

The Cyber Cafe' will be celebrating its 6th anniversary in April and it continues to be a fun gathering place for youth in our community. The event on St. Patrick's day raised over $8,000 dollars for the Cyber Cafe. The Cyber Cafe would like to thank the community for their generous contributions and are very grateful for the help they recieved. We are excited to be able to sponsor our sixth annual membership event. We would like you to become a member of the Cyber Cafe' and with this membership you will be given two tickets to the St. Patrick's Day Comedy Night, Monday, March 17th, at the Cyber Cafe'. To become a member contact Randy at the Cyber Cafe' (218-632-5700). 

It has been another exciting and busy year for the Cyber Cafe'. We continue to grow as a community asset with more than 60,000 teen visits to date. However, what you may not be aware of is that you have an opportunity to be a critical part of this continued success. The Cyber Cafe' membership program allows you to become a member of the Cyber Cafe' and enjoy all the benefits. The first benefit you will receive is an invitation and tickets to attend the St. Patrick's day Comedy Night at the Cyber Cafe'.

Our Featured entertainment for the comedy night is the very funny Mary Mack. Mary recounts off-kilter stories of life as a former polka band leader, music teacher, and all around confused individual. She is just one of those people you instantly like and want to share in the fun of her show.

The greatest benefit you'll recieve is to know that you're helping to ensure that the youth of Wadena and surrounding communities have a safe place to spend their free time engaged in constructive activities.

To the teens of the Wadena area the Cyber Cafe' means a place to gather after school, work on homework, socialize, and have fun in a safe healthy environment. The Cyber Cafe' board and staff are dedicated to making youth in our community feel more valued and offering them the tools to be more competitive in a global economy. With the latest computer technology and high speed internet line we are able to connect our youth with the outside world.


The Cyber Cafe' is only as great as its supporters. Revenues from food sales and other services cover approximately 50% of our costs while grants make up 25%. The remainder must come from generous individuals in our community. Please consider the event! We hope to see you there! (March 2008)