Teen Center
There is a Little Something for Everyone!

Above - The main floor features several computers, three TVs, and various couches and chairs to relax on.                             Left - Look at the outside of the Cyber Cafe and it's trademark neon sign.

Above - The comfortable sitting room. A place for anyone to come and relax and watch some t.v. or go on a laptop. Not to mention enjoy some of our delicious coffee.                                             Right - The brand new computers and their custom mounts for everyones use!



Teen Center has had over 200,000 visits!!!


Now at the Cyber Cafe we are going to try and have a dance at least once a month to raise money for various groups. Dance times and dates will be posted as soon as the cyber staff is notified of them.

The Cloverleaf Youth Partnership (CYP) is a private, non-profit business incorporated in March, 2000 to serve and empower the youth of Wadena County.  Geographically set in northwest central Minnesota, Wadena County has a population of 13,238 with the largest community, Wadena, having a population of 4,294.  Cloverleaf Youth Partnership has been very active since its inception.  Its primary accomplishment has been to purchase and renovate a building in downtown Wadena for a teen technology center.  The "Cyber Cafe" opened its doors April 27th 2002 and since that time has had over 60,000 visits from local teens after school and on weekends.  The teen's main activities center around six computer stations at the Cyber Cafe and include homework, gaming, chatting, and interaction with their peers.  The Cyber Cafe has a teen board that works for the cyber and makes suggestion for improvements and hold Cyber Dances. Cloverleaf Youth Partnership also has an adult board of community member volunteers who oversee the direction of the organization and provide guidance for the future.

Cyber Video Games
Through purchases and donations, the Cyber Cafe has amassed two video game systems and 16 games. This equipment can be loaned out and used by anyone in the Cyber Cafe for no cost. Below are the two consoles and respective games.

Xbox Games - Fallout 3, Halo, Forza Motersport 3, Halo Wars, Ben Ten, Skate 3, UFC 3, Call of Duty MW3, Assassin's Creed III, Battlefield Bad Company 2. 

Xbox Kinect Games  Fighters Uncaged, Dance Central, Kinect Adventures.

A mural of pictures collected by past and present Cyber Cafe staff.