Virtual Tour
The Cyber Cafe

With the virtual tour we are trying to give you a look at the Cyber Cafe' without ever having step foot inside!

Below: Our custom neon sign in front of the Cyber Cafe

Above: A view as if you were walking through our front door!

 Above: The new deck built for your relaxation in the sunlight!    

Below: The main area, viewed from the front door.

Above: The new computers and their custom mounts, viewed from the front door.










Left: The stairwell to the downstairs. The stairs are to the immediate right of the front door.

Right: The two 27" tvs that are always on and available for gaming and watching.





Right: This collectors piano was donated to the Cyber for use of any of our patrons.




Left: This clock was donated by a local bank, which used to be located across the street. The clock was donated in memory of this building and what was here before the Cyber Cafe. (Saloon)


 Below: The artistically built counter and the coffeshop. The espresso maker and a place for people to sit! 






Above: The main area in the Cyber Cafe' viewed
as if coming through the back entrance.


Right: A view coming as if you were coming in
our back door.



A view of the back door as if you were leaving the Cyber Cafe. In this corridor we have our bathrooms and bulletin board.




Left: Our bulletin board where we can post any information regarding any events in the community.

Right: Our sitting room built for comfort and relaxation. It has a tv an plenty of sitting room to sit back and enjoy a coffee. The room is located in the middle of the Cyber.


Left and Right: The stairwell to the downstairs area. There is a mural painted on the walls of the staircase. The mural was built and donated by a local teen. The stair case is located in the middle of the Cyber and there is another in the front of the Cyber.

Left and Below/Left: The downstairs area features a ping pong table, foosball table, pool table, and a tv. All for our patrons enjoyment. Occasionally we hold dances at the Cyber Cafe' and our downstairs is converted into a dance hall.






Above/Right and Right:

Through the swinging doors is our back storage room, kitchen area, and our infamous wall. On the wall we keep pictures and items from the past. It is a mural to everything that the Cyber Cafe' is.



Beyond this point is a tour of the upstairs of the Cyber Cafe'. The upstairs consists of rental offices for buisnesses run in Wadena. Newly renovated in a historic building, all the offices have orignal oak woodwork and glass transoms. All heat, electric, and water are included in rent. There are four offices, conference room, a kitchenette, and a copier/scanner. Not to mention the free wireless internet, garbage services, electrical. Our offices range in size from 9.5 ft width, 16 ft length, and 9 ft high to 9.5 ft width, 18 ft length, 9 ft high.

Left and Right:
The door and stairs to the upstairs office space. The door is located in the front of the Cyber Cafe' to the left of the main entrance.






Up and Right:
A view from the top of the stairs into the main sitting area. The left is a picture of the copier/scanner.


Left: The conference room that is rentable by anyone to have a casual meeting or conference.

Right: The kitchenette that can be used by any of the people that rent an office in our facility.

Left: A picture of the doors to a few a of our many private offices.



Right: A picture of the hallway to the back door. This door opens to the roof of the Cyber Cafe'.